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Prince William shows off his hidden skills

Prince Charles and Prince Harry are both known to dance while out on their appearances, so Prince William joined in the family tradition showing off at the Caius House Youth Center in Battersea, London.

His brother and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge have both teased the future king about his dance moves and he was well aware of his two left feet. William even asked for tips while at the youth center: “I can never get the shoulder shiver right.”

He added, “There is no pressure, because I will look ridiculous.”

The Caius House Youth Center helps youth in the transition into adulthood, sorting through the challenges they will face.

The Duke of Cambridge danced along with the Scariofunk Dance Collective who only gave him a 5 out of 10 for dancing, but were more lenient giving him a 10 out of 10 for his effort.

>Prince William, along with Kate and Harry started the Heads Together campaign to raise awareness of mental health and depression. The campaign encourages youth to seek help when they are having problems. The well-being of young people if the basis of the trio’s foundation, The Royal Foundation.

If dancing was not enough, the Duke of Cambridge spent time in the kitchen with a baking class, sat in on some young people learning to paint and another group who were learning about boxing.

William also took time at the youth center today to visit with children who were learning about boxing, another group that was painting and to show his skills in the kitchen at a baking class.

While decorating a cake, Prince William commented on The Great British Bake Off changing channels to Channel 4: “Mary Berry, eat your heart out!

Adding in that: I’ve watched Bake Off a few times – you must be distraught it’s moving,”

Although William was sure it would be “just as good” once it makes it move.

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