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Prince William says how Prince George would love a life-size Lego car

He may be the future king, but Prince George is just like every other four-year-old.

On Tuesday, the Duke of Cambridge toured McLaren’s design and production centres in Woking, Surrey where he got an up close view of the 280,000 Lego-brick version of the 720s road car. Upon viewing it, Prince William exclaimed: “Wow! My son would love this!”

Adding on: “My son’s very into Lego, and he’d love this: it’s incredible!”

For the ‘big kids’, Prince William got to take a seat in the real version of the car.

“I am a car enthusiast,” the Duke of Cambridge said. “I don’t know very much about cars, but I like speed.”

Although, despite his modesty, he did understand one of the biggest selling features of any car- cup holders.

“The key question is: does it have a coffee cup holder? It’s a fast car, but does it have a coffee cup holder?”

In a comprehensive tour of the site’s innovative design area and production floor, the Duke was also given the opportunity to put the finishing touches on another model of the £210,000 720s, fitting its iconic badge to the front bonnet.

A former Air Ambulance pilot, Prince William was able to draw on his past experience from flying to the supercars.

Chief executive Mike Flewitt gave the Duke his tour of their facilities. Speaking to the Evening Standard, he said: “A lot of his knowledge is actually from aircraft, and he was drawing parallels with what he knows from helicopters, aeroplanes and that side of the world.”

One future owner of the £210,000 720s will have an extra special feature as Prince Wiliam fitted the badge to the front bonnet.


From the glamour of the showroom, Prince William spoke to the assembly staff and McLaren’s star Alex Machin.

At only 17-years-old, Machin is the Manufacturing Magazine Awards apprentice of the year.



Flewitt spoke of the success of the trip and how the Duke put the work force at ease: “My impression is he really enjoyed that. He’s such a naturally engaging guy. You can imagine at 17 years of age it’s probably a little daunting.

“And they didn’t find him daunting, so they’ll probably be glowing today.”

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