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Prince William says he wants a PlayStation whilst visiting BAFTA

On Monday, during his visit to BAFTA headquarters in Piccadilly, the Duke of Cambridge hinted that he fancies one of the new PlayStation game consoles that were recently introduced. William seemed keen on the idea of maybe having the gaming system at Kensington Palace but he did pause to comment on what The Duchess of Cambridge might think of it. “I’d like to get one but I’m not sure how my wife would feel about it,” William commented according to The Express.

large_5907369298William, as president of the organisation, was at the BAFTA headquarters today to take part in the launching of the ‘Give Something Back Campaign,’ the movement “to support young people from all backgrounds to enter the film, television and games industries,” according the BAFTA press release earlier this month.

During the visit, he talked to some of the winners of the BAFTA Young Game Designers competition and tested out their winning games. “I know that I, for one, as an enthusiastic but quite useless gamer, look forward to playing the weird and wonderful games which these young people dream up in the future,” William commented.

Trying out 16 year old Charlie Hutton-Pattemore’s game, “Vacuum Panic” which requires the player to attempt to clean 70 percent of a house before Mum returns, William did not fare too well. “Fifty two per cent clean. Not that clean really,” he commented after the game ended.

Next up was 19 year old Dan Pearce from Berkshire’s entry; “Hamster World Domination.” Although he gave it a go, William was immediately knocked down by an opponent.

When BAFTA’S Chief Executive, Amanda Berry inquired as to how he fared in his game playing; William’s one word answer was “Terrible.”

The Duke met with other young people who are honing their talents in television and film through scholarships. Receiving £5,900 for tuition expenses from Warner Brother’s film studios, postgraduate Sam Hughes commented, “It’s really changed my life and set me up.”

“As president of BAFTA, I’m delighted to be here to launch its Give Something Back campaign, and I sincerely hope everyone working in the UK film, television and games industries will support this fantastic new initiative. Today, more than ever, young people and career-starters need nurture and support to achieve their potential and to succeed. This includes the chance to learn from, and work side-by-side with, the best in the business. Give Something Back is a special opportunity for our supremely talented professionals to offer a small amount of their time, or money, to contribute to BAFTA’s learning programme,” William commented during his visit.

Always the champion to assist young people, William requested that the industry fund more programmes such as the one he was able to witness today. This will require additional monies, educational programmes, volunteers and mentors who can harness the talent of the British youth.

photo credit: Jason Simpson via photopin

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