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Prince William praises Duchess of Cambridge for pioneering Heads Together on #WorldMentalHealthDay

At a reception at St. James Palace for World Mental Health day, The Duke of Cambridge praised his wife, Catherine, for urging the couple to unite with Prince Harry to fight the stigmas associated with mental health.

Speaking to those who helped the royals with their Heads Together campaign, on this day that focuses on global mental health, The Duke said: “It was Catherine who first realised that all three of us were working on mental health in our individual areas of focus.

“She had seen that at the core of adult issues like addiction and family breakdown, unresolved childhood mental health issues were often part of the problem.,” he told the Evening Standard.”

William went on: “Harry had seen that it was not enough to help veterans recover from their physical injuries without acknowledging the emotional and mental support they required.

“And after years of working with the homeless, and having been called out to multiple scenes of suicide as a Search and Rescue and then HEMS pilot, I understood the damage poor mental health was causing to our communities and for our families.”

The Duke continued by addressing how the campaign came together: “We decided to assemble a coalition of charities – comprised of people who had spent decades working to bring mental health out of the shadows – to campaign together to change the national conversation on mental health.

“And in the weeks leading up to this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon, this country had a conversation on mental health that for the first time was positive and truly national.

“Up and down the country; in schools and workplaces; in towns, cities, and villages; among men and women; between young and old – the UK was finally talking about mental health.

“And they were talking without sadness, and without stigma. They were talking in a frank way, with everyday language, and without fear of judgement, to their friends, to their partners, to their children, and to their colleagues.”

The Duke also mentioned how proud they all were to have been part of ending the stigma attached mental health.

Harry added: “We are incredibly grateful to all of you for your contribution to Heads Together. We wanted to invite you here to express our thanks in person for the success of the campaign.”

Harry continued, stressing how the work isn’t done: “But while we are all here to mark what has been achieved, we all know that there is much more still to be done. All of you contributed to the first truly national conversation on mental health.

“Our Royal Foundation has announced a £2 million investment to create a new digital start up that will develop solutions to help people get online support in times of crisis and times of calm as well.”

RoyalCentral will continue to follow the progress of Heads Together.

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