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Prince William offers Brooklyn spoken word artist help

On the last day of his visit to New York, Prince William offered his support to Steven Prescod, a spoken word artist from Brooklyn.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watched Steven’s show, “Brooklyn Boy”, while at The Door and The City Kids Foundation, non-profit organisations which help troubled children and teenagers and have a positive impact on their lives. Prince William was so impressed by the performance that he promised his backing to produce the show for the stage.

Laurie Meadoff, the founder of City Kids, said: “The Duke jumped from his seat to applaud. The Duke said, ‘I’m going to help you take this everywhere, I’m serious about this.'”

“The Prince said he would pay money to watch this,” said Mr. Prescod about the royal couple’s reaction to his performance. “He asked me what I was doing with his piece. I said I was planning to perform it for other kids. Then he asked if somebody was helping me with that.” He told the Duke about his mentor, Moises Belizario, who helped write the show.

Afterwards, William exchanged contact information with the 22 year-old artist, who now has a direct line to the Prince’s private secretary. Steven Prescod is now polishing his show, with plans to take it on the road – and maybe even to Broadway. “I was never expecting this to happen at all. Now we’re talking about off-Broadway, Broadway,” he said.

But it was not only William and Catherine who were spellbound during the visit. Mr. Prescod, too, was left captivated by his meeting with the royals, and especially by how humble Prince William was. “He was just a human being connecting to a human being and I think that’s something beautiful,” he said.

Featured photo credit: Kelly Harrison 2014 

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