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Prince William, Kate & Harry’s Royal Foundation Applies For Trademarks For Accessories

The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry has applied to the UK’s trademark office for trademarks on the rights to produce certain goods and services in its name, St James’s Palace says.

“Since the name change of the foundation last year, we have been registering our new name and logo in different territories around the world,” a spokesman told the Telegraph newspaper. In 2012, the Royal Foundation Of Prince William and Prince Harry of Wales changed its name to ‘the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry’, to incorporate the Duchess of Cambridge into the organisation for the charitable work she began doing for it.

The foundation has applied to the Intellectual Property Office for trademarks on the rights to produce, “Clothing, footwear and headgear” in the organisation’s name.

“As part of that process, we have to choose any categories under which we might conceivably operate in the future. This also protects the foundation against other people using its name illegally. We included clothing in case we choose, for example, to make T-shirts in years to come, for marathon runners, etc.”

In 2011, the charity raised over £4.8 million, compared with just £629,000 in 2010, before William and Kate announced their engagement. Almost £1?million more was raised by the American wing of the charity, most of which is not included in the figures.

The biggest donations to the charity, which was set up in September 2010, came from the royal wedding in April 2011, when more than £1?million of donations were made as gifts for the couple on the occasion of their wedding.

The Royal Foundation gives grants to all sorts of charitable interests supported by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, including a large grant a short while ago to a charity Prince Harry particularly supports called ‘Walking with the Wounded’, which supports injured servicemen and women.

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