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Prince William attends rugby game in Cardiff on Remembrance Day

A tired, but in high-spirts, Prince William arrived in Cardiff to watch the Wales v Australia rugby match.

Upon greeting people before the game as Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), the Duke of Cambridge commented he needed some “toothpicks” to hold his eyes open after his children Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2, kept him awake.

Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns and other dignitaries met Prince William, who said: “I do need toothpicks to keep my eyes open because of the kids,” and continued to comment on the poor weather, although he was looking forward to the match.

Further into his conversations, the Duke said he would have “loved” to have been at the Anthony Joshua fight recently in Cardiff.

The Duke also brought up the fact it is a “shame” Sam Warburton of Wales’s team was injured

“Sam in the Lions was absolutely fantastic. I was shouting at my TV during those games,” Prince William added.

During half-time, Prince William met with some youth taking part in the WRU Coach Core Apprentices. The Welsh Rugby Union has partnered with Coach Core since 2015. Since then they have developed 36 apprentices in South Wales.

Coach Core was started by The Royal Foundation formed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The scheme allows people between 16-24 years old who would otherwise be unable, to train to become coaches and role models in their community.


Prince William came under fire when it was announced he would be attending the rugby match instead of the Festival of Remembrance being held back in London which his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge joined Her Majesty at.

The Duke did mark Remembrance Day earlier in the week when he spoke at a dinner in support of veterans at the Imperial War Museum. The annual black-tie gala was to raise funds for the £300 million Defence National Rehabilitation Centre that will provide “pioneering treatments” for servicemen and women.



  • PennieP.

    He always finds a way to make sure everyone knows how exhausted and tiresome his two Children are.
    What does he think when baby #3 comes along?
    He really gets no sympathy from me.. They better find a way to cope. I feel sorry for those kids, always a complaint.
    Fire and few Nannys, and get back with me next year.. Fool!

    • Sigi

      Hey they saw his bald head and thought it was a rugby ball !!!!!!

  • Sigi

    Prince William, who said: “I do need toothpicks to keep my eyes open because of the kids,”
    OH SURE !!!!!! He and Waity are up ALL NIGHT with the kids.
    It’s so terrible the surrogate is now having a THIRD child ! But it’s the nannies who do the work looking after the kids. Baldy needs to get a new gripe.

  • Sigi


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