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Prince George and Princess Charlotte join their parents at a children’s party in Victoria

It is a laid back day in Victoria, British Colombia today as Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined their parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for a children’s party.

The invite-only event was held in at Government House for military families where a petting zoo and puppet show was set up.

As soon as the Duchess placed Princess Charlotte down she made a beeline for the balloon arch, but despite hers and Prince George’s efforts they could not pop them.

All eyes were on the tiny princess for her first official overseas engagement, who was dressed in a Pepa Company smocked dress and navy sweater and her brother in his signature look of red shorts, knee-high socks, and loafers.

Province of British Columbia via Flickr

Province of British Columbia via Flickr

Prince George was also seen riding a small pony and having a bubble gun fight with Prince William. Princess Charlotte made friends with Moose the dog, sitting on his back to which Moose seemed unphased. She also adored the rabbit in the petting zoo, so who knows, maybe Marvin the Hamster will be getting a roommate! A balloon artist even created pieces for each child, Charlotte getting a flower.

Government House in Victoria has been the home base for the Royal Family as they spend their time around British Columbia and the Yukon. Prince George and Princess Charlotte have stayed put with their nanny taking in the sights around the capital of British Columbia.

Province of British Columbia via Flickr

Province of British Columbia via Flickr

Despite strict regulations that staff were not to speak about the children’s visits, but a local petting zoo posted on Twitter and Facebook, however, quickly removing the messages.

The Duke and Duchess were very hands on at the children’s party, leaving their nanny with some time off.  Charlotte was seen sucking her fingers, to which the Duchess revealed she is currently teething.

After the children’s party, the Duke and Duchess will take the rest of the day off for some private time with their children before heading north to Haidi Gwaii tomorrow.

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