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Pregnant Duchess of Cambridge takes to the ice in Sweden

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kicked off their official visit to Sweden today with a trip to an outdoor ice hockey rink to watch a game of bandy hockey.

After the game, the Duke and Duchess took penalty shots, with Prince William beating his wife 2-1.

Before the penalty shootout, bandy hockey player Anna Wilding coached them on the game and how to play it. She told reporters afterwards that, “I could see that maybe they like to beat each other.

“It was a privilege for us to show our sport to them,” she said, noting that Prince William had a strong shot and that Catherine was also impressive.

Bandy hockey differs from ice hockey in that there are 11 players on the ice, whereas there are only six on the ice in an ice hockey game. Bandy hockey is played with a ball, and ice hockey is played with a puck. A bandy hockey ice surface is also larger than an ice hockey. Both sports are now played in the Winter Olympics.

The Duke and Duchess were given bandy hockey jerseys as gifts and sipped on hot chocolate and glögg – an alcohol-free drink before departing to the Royal Palace of Stockholm for lunch with the Royal Family, the couple chatted with children and officials.

According to Victoria Murphy, the Daily Mirror’s royal correspondent, Catherine told people afterwards that she had let her husband win the shootout.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge usually incorporate a bit of sports into their tours and visits.

On their first tour in 2011, they competed in a dragon boat race in Prince Edward Island (Prince William won). In India in 2016, they played cricket; later on, in Bhutan, they tried archery. Last year in Germany, the pair competed against each other in a yacht race, which Catherine’s team won.


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