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Compromising Photos Of Duchess Of Cambridge Allegedly Taken In Mustique

It has just emerged that images featuring HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge in a bikini as well as Prince William and Pippa Middleton have been taken and are available for the Media to buy. Reports are stressing that these photos will not be bought nor published by the British media but may fetch up to £250,000 in American or other overseas media.

These pictures come just 5 months after the scandal involving other compromising images were released by world media featuring the Duchess Of Cambridge topless.

The Mirror newspaper says it’s confident UK sources would not publish after the scandal last time and how French paparazzo was taken to court by the couple last year.

The pictures are also valued highly as they are the first that allegedly contain pictures of the Duchess Of Cambridge’s ‘baby bump’.

The island the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are staying on, along with Kate’s family, is called Mustique and offers high security accommodation to any high-profile guests, making it an obvious attraction for the future King and his wife.

The villa is said to cost £19,000 a week and staying there is a short break for the Duke and Duchess and the Duchess’s family before the Duchess enters the full stages of her pregnancy.

Princess Margeret was given a ten-acre plot of land there in 1960 and built a five-bedroom house.

This is the seventh time William and Kate have visited and the Queen has been three times.

The relationship between the paparazzi (at least in Britain) and the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge has a different tone to that of a royal-paparazzo relationship 15+ years ago. Now, press are beginning to heed warnings and requests from the royal family for privacy that they would never have done even 6 years ago.

The tone the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now set is that there are two sides to them. One is their public life where the paparazzi are permitted to film and photograph them, but they also expect the media to now allow them privacy. If the media oblige the privacy request, it seems they’re rewarded with photo shoots and public engagements.

But as the French version of magazine Closer found out last year, if you fail to take heed, standby for the wrath of the Cambridges.

These new photographs have not yet even surfaced on the internet, though it is likely they will before long. To make it clear, we respect the Duke and Duchess’s privacy and would not and will not publish these photographs.

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