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New Zealand’s Royal Succession Bill passes first reading

The Coat of Arms of New Zealand

The Coat of Arms of New Zealand

With what seems to be the world’s collective media focused on the entrance to St Mary’s Hospital where they suspect The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will arrive within the coming days/weeks to deliver their child who will one day become King or Queen of The United Kingdom and Commonwealth realms; realms such as New Zealand are working hard to pass legislation into effect that will allow said child to become the heir apparent (rather than in the case of a daughter, presumptive) to the throne no matter what their gender.

Today (Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013), the New Zealand House of Representatives held the first reading of the Royal Succession Bill which eventually led to the bill being successful with 104 votes in favour.

Monarchy New Zealand (a non-governmental, non-profit organisation promoting the value of the constitutional government to New Zealand) posted short, summerised updates to their Twitter account throughout the reading, including important and interesting quotes such as:

New Zealand has a proud tradition of removing undue discrimination.

–Judith Collins, MP


Our constitutional monarchy is something we can be proud of

–Scott Simpson, MP


These law changes will flow through to the Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau as part of the Realm of NZ

–Alfred Ngaro, MP

Video of the reading can be seen on YouTube – said video includes a speech from Simon O’Connor, ex-chair of Monarchy New Zealand along with other supporters of the bill.

The actual bill, in it’s public entirety can be viewed online for reference.

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