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Naming A Royal Baby – What Will William & Kate Choose?

Since day one of ‘Royal Baby Watch’, a lot of the excitement that has been generated has been channeled into predicting what the name of this new Royal Child will be, will they go traditional or modern? Here we explain past precedent and give what we hope will be an accurate speculative account of how the name will be decided.

So far, every titled member of the current Royal Family born into the family has been given dynastic name, a name with history in the British Royal Family. One exception people may draw upon is ‘Prince Harry’, though may I remind you, ‘Harry’ is a nickname and his real name is Henry, about as dynastic a name as one could imagine.

There are good reasons for this, especially for those high up in line to the throne, though this naming precedent hasn’t always been so. When the then Princess Alexandrina Victoria of Kent (later Queen Victoria) was born, Victoria was a name not at all associated with British Royals, only Queen Victoria’s mother carried the name Victoria, and she married into the family. According to noted historian Kate Williams, the naming of the child as Victoria was almost a jest at the fact that it was thought she’d never reign! Nowadays, Victoria is considered one of the most traditional names.

The reasons for most royals high up in the line of succession having traditional names is partially to do with commanding respect. Having a serious conversation with a King Google I could cause issues. Also, carrying on the use of traditional names that have been used before by Monarchs promotes continuity and that’s one of the key elements a Monarchy provides to a country, especially one where the Government changes every 5 years.

Over the past few weeks on Twitter, we have heard some very interesting suggestions for Royal Baby names, and seeing as we are positive the name will be traditional, here are a few suggestions and what we think of them, from a royal perspective!


Boys’ Names

George – A highly tradtional name, there have been six King Georges of England and multiple Princes called George in history.

Philip – If it’s a boy, we strongly think Philip will be in the name somewhere, even if it’s not the primary name.

Edward – This is probably the most popular name in the Royal Family, there have been 8 King Edwards and at the moment, there are two living Prince Edwards – a solid, traditional choice.

Michael – A probability. There have been Prince Michaels in the past and there is one living at the moment, also The Duchess Of Cambridge’s father is called Michael.

Girls’ Names

Elizabeth – The name of 2 Queens, including the name of the reigning Queen and the person who’ll be the baby’s great grandmother as well as a commonly used name in the past, a strong chance this name will appear somewhere in the name, if not be the child’s name. Also, Elizabeth is Catherine’s middle name.

Victoria – We think this is the name most likely to appear as the baby’s first name, should it be a girl. A traditional name with good connotations. Also, Queen Victoria actually ordered originally that all future female children in the Royal Family have the name Victoria somewhere in their name, although this hasn’t been followed religiously, it’s still quite a common Royal name.

Diana – Pretty confident that Diana will definitely appear in the child’s name if it’s a girl, a clear tribute to the Duke Of Cambridge’s late mother, don’t think it’ll be the baby’s primary name, however.

Mary – A good dynastic name, 2 Queens called Mary in history and multiple princesses. Mary could well appear in the baby’s name.

Of course, members of the Royal Family always have around 4 names, so any of the above could appear, plus more!

If we had to make our prediction for what the baby would be called, drawing upon past precedent, we would suggest the following:

Boy: His Royal Highness Prince George Philip Michael James of Cambridge

Girl: Her Royal Highness Princess Mary Diana Elizabeth of Cambridge

Why not tell us your suggestions below in the comments box?

  • I agree with you on the names. 🙂

  • Columbinia

    I think George is a contender for a male first name. This child is likely to be a monarch, so I would expect the first name to be the name of a past monarch. Also, it’s as if in recent generations certain names, like Mary, Elizabeth and George, have been held back for use as a first name for a great-grandchild in the direct line. I think they will also avoid a name already in prominent use to avoid confusion. For example, there is already a Crown Princess Victoria who is heir apparent to the Swedish throne. I might also expect to see the name Margaret somewhere in the string of four names given to a girl. Or maybe not. And I think Albert could find a place in the string of names for a boy.

  • gransgirl

    George Philip Michael William for a boy. Girls in the royal fam have traditionally had 3, not 4 names, though this (if a girl) would be the first automatically destined for the throne, so they might change that. I think Mary Diana Victoria (or Mary Diana Elizabeth Victoria if they go with 4.

  • TBF

    I would guess Philip, to be named after Prince Philip for a boy. It’s not strangely modern and he wouldn’t be “just another James/George/Henry.”

    I don’t think they’d hold off naming a girl Victoria just because there’s already a CP Victoria in Sweden. Then they’d have to say no to Mary too, wouldn’t they? I think Mary is a more likely first name too.

    • TBF

      Also, isn’t Charles expected to take George as his name when he becomes King? I doubt they’d use George if a George is set to take the throne.

  • wanda

    What about the tradition of male heirs having Arthur in their name line…Charles Phillip Arthur George and William Authur Phillip Louis so if that tradition continues I was thinking James Phillip Authur Charles for a girl I suggest using Diana’s middle name instead of her first so maybe something like Mary Elizabeth Anne Frances

  • Julaine

    My guess is Phillip Arthur Charles Michael. Honoring Prince Phillip for all his service to Great Britain and the family, Arthur for the traditional nod to the legendary King of the Brits and then a bow to both grandfathers.

    The girl’s name is trickier. I am sure Diana and Elizabeth will be in there somewhere but I am sure neither will be the baby’s first name. Not if this first child is a girl and expected to rule. To much chance of burdening the baby with unrealistic expectations and comparisons. William and Catherine have already been faced with that and won’t want to pass that along to the next generation. You notice that William and Henry (Harry) while traditional were not recent main line names. They may well opt for Mary or Victoria or they may throw everyone a curve and go back further an pick a name such as Adelaide, Eleanor, or Anne. I think Charlotte or Caroline might be considered unlucky so they are lower on my personal betting pool. One name combination I am sure is out of the running is Charlotte Diana, as pretty as I think the name might sound. That is the name of the latest of Earl Spenser’s daughters; born this last July.

    Maybe William and Catherine will surprise us all, like many of there counterparts on the continent and will add a new name to the traditional family lists.

  • Pamela P

    My guess for a boy is James Arthur Philip Francis or Richard Arthur Philip Alexander or Stephen Philip Arthur Kenneth.
    My guess for a girl is Mary Elizabeth Frances Constance or Alexandra Elizabeth Frances Constance or Elizabeth Frances Victoria Patricia.

  • Carys

    I think that it might have George in if it is a boy. Congratulations to the Duchess of Cambridge! For giving birth to her baby boy! It might be Edward Charles William Phillip or George Arthur Louis Phillip

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