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MP for Kensington brands the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as “ridiculous”

The newly elected and first ever Labour Member of Parliament for Kensington has given some serious criticism towards the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Emma Dent Coad made history when she became the first Labour MP to be elected in Kensington, the UK’s richest constituency. With a slim majority of just 20 votes, she won the Kensington seat after the general elections in June. It is no secret that the Labour MP is a convinced republican.

On Monday she attended a pro-republican event entitled “Reigning in the Monarchy” in London. There she spoke of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the most famous residents of Kensington. In a conversation with delegates, she said about the monarchy: “The system is ridiculous,” adding “We should not be funding them.”

After some comments on the monarchy in general, Ms Dent Coad also targeted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who live in Kensington Palace. The MP thought it was absolutely “disgusting” that the Duchess of Cambridge bought jumpers at the cost of £150 each, saying: “That’s a food bill for a family of four.”

She called this “absolutely outrageous,” before commenting that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are ridiculous.

After criticising the monarchy and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, she also attacked the BBC.

Ms Dent Coad said that the BBC “is a piece of the whole propaganda machine” which produces “sickeningly gratuitous coverage of anything royal”. Instead of being neutral, she added that the BBC is “very heavily directed by right-wing politics and the monarchy”.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently moved permanently to their apartment at Kensington Palace in the heart of the borough. Their Royal Highnesses are said to be taking on more official engagements in the future, and therefore the permanent move to Kensington was said to be necessary.

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