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MP for Kensington brands the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as “ridiculous”

The newly elected and first ever Labour Member of Parliament for Kensington has given some serious criticism towards the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Emma Dent Coad made history when she became the first Labour MP to be elected in Kensington, the UK’s richest constituency. With a slim majority of just 20 votes, she won the Kensington seat after the general elections in June. It is no secret that the Labour MP is a convinced republican.

On Monday she attended a pro-republican event entitled “Reigning in the Monarchy” in London. There she spoke of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the most famous residents of Kensington. In a conversation with delegates, she said about the monarchy: “The system is ridiculous,” adding “We should not be funding them.”

After some comments on the monarchy in general, Ms Dent Coad also targeted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who live in Kensington Palace. The MP thought it was absolutely “disgusting” that the Duchess of Cambridge bought jumpers at the cost of £150 each, saying: “That’s a food bill for a family of four.”

She called this “absolutely outrageous,” before commenting that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are ridiculous.

After criticising the monarchy and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, she also attacked the BBC.

Ms Dent Coad said that the BBC “is a piece of the whole propaganda machine” which produces “sickeningly gratuitous coverage of anything royal”. Instead of being neutral, she added that the BBC is “very heavily directed by right-wing politics and the monarchy”.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently moved permanently to their apartment at Kensington Palace in the heart of the borough. Their Royal Highnesses are said to be taking on more official engagements in the future, and therefore the permanent move to Kensington was said to be necessary.

  • Cheryl Webb Clair

    Gees, i’m a poor old OAP and have spent that kind of money for clothes and shoes. So what? None of her business.

  • davidmichaelryan

    To be polite Emma Dent Coad a second rate politician if ever there was one – she has an enormous chip on her shoulder !! It’s being so happy that keeps her going !!

    • Sue Browne

      And I would like to know how much Emma Dent Coad spends on her clothes, shoes and bags!

  • Ipsi

    I get you might not like a Queen as head of state, but that doesn’t mean you insult the family

  • LANcashire lass

    What a sour bitter woman she sounds jealous and resentful. We love our royal family, and just because you are a Labour republican/Marxist with radical views, you won’t change the majority of the people of the U.K.

    • Joyce Hewitt

      Yes I Am Canadain She Is Our Queen. Some Want To Get Rid Of her .Thats Whats Wrong With The World Want Take Everything Away they can get more Money.

  • pamela traves

    Emma Dent Coad is a Nasty woman. I want no put-downs on Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!!!

  • vegastearoom

    What a vile insignificant woman suddenly given a public pulpit. She must be Republican because she is classless.

  • jay Ponton

    Interesting for her to claim the BBC is not neutral when, by any estimation, her comments are as partisan and as rude as they get. Another pot calling out the kettle… This has become so tiresome.

  • Audrey Humphrey

    Now there is a surprise I thought the BBC was to the left. She is trying to make a name for herself and the only way to get noticed is to criticize the Royals. Who on earth voted her in.

  • Reinaldo Martinez

    Freud most prominent disciple and follower, Dr.Carl Gustav Jung, discovered this psychological human manner of translating our own disposition unto others as “projection”. Poor MP is unable to know how he reveals herself by disqualifying others.

    It reminds me of the last Venezuelan two Presidents and the strings of insults they used to aim at all opposition leaders. This attitude also reveals the deep nature of those who elected her. Emma comes from the same garbage-throwing crew of Gordon Brown, very distant from good old Sir Harold Wilson, the last of the good British Labor leaders.

  • PB

    Ms Emma Dent Coad needs to be careful who she offends as she only the won the seat in protest and by a very few votes , she did not declare her republicanism when standing for election in the Royal Borough so some may say she has deceived the electorate , that and the fact she concentrates on one area of North Kensington whilst ignoring the rest of her constituency who she probably thinks are all rich which they are not is very telling of who she really is and what she is about . Disgraceful behaviour from an MP

  • bookworm

    Will it also be ridiculous if the tourism revenue generated because of the royals comes to a grinding halt? What will she whine about then? SHE is the “ridiculous” element in this story and should stop bleating and get on with the job.

  • fifi949

    Who in the world has voted her in, the must be really blind and deaf

  • Canada

    Really, This is like the garbage circulated on the Princess Diana. with all the major issues, I think the MP for Kensington would have better things to address.

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