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Monkey business over the latest tribute to Princess Charlotte

Her brother has a bilby enclosure in Sydney named after him while she has already inspired the Australian government to donate money to help the mountain pygmy-possum. But the latest animal tribute to Princess Charlotte has caused some controversy. A zoo in Japan which named its newest monkey after her has received complaints that this isn’t a fitting way to celebrate the birth of a princess.


Kate’s choice of baby name has inspired a zoo in Japan in one of the more unusual honours given to her daughter so far

The Takisakiyama Zoo in the south of Japan usually holds a competition to name baby macaque monkeys born there. And when it came to making a pick for a little monkey which arrived less than 24 hours after the royal baby, the voting public had just one name in mind. Charlotte topped the poll and so the zoo announced on Wednesday that their newest inhabitant would have the same name as the newborn daughter of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. And that’s when the problems started.

Complaints poured in claiming that naming a monkey after the little princess was very far from an honour and much more like an insult. And there were demands that this little Charlotte be given a different name as soon as possible.

Not long afterwards, the zoo issued an apology on its website. And it now says it is considering changing the name of the monkey to avoid causing any further insult as the complaints continue to come.

But this little monkey might not have shaken off her royal connections yet. There were plenty of jokes made on social media when the daughter of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived suggesting that the couple go for a name made popular by a fictional queen who thousands of young girls around the world love and who Kate herself talkedabout during her visit to the US at the end of the year. The Twitter jokers wanted baby Cambridge to be called Elsa, after the character in Frozen, and that name came third in the zoo poll. It looks like one newborn Charlotte might be going all Disney in the near future to avoid a right royal row.


Photo credit: By Maximus0970 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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