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‘Mary’ is now the favourite name for baby Cambridge number three

If you’re hoping to make a winning bet on what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will name their third baby, bookmakers have recently boosted the odds for the name Mary.

The name got a boost from betters in the northwestern part of England, which led to Mary’s rise to the top of the list.

“We can’t quite put our finger on the link between Mary and the North West,” said Jessica Bridges, who works for Ladbrokes, a gambling company. “But the overwhelming support means we have a new favourite in the royal baby name market.”

“Punters are convinced the Duke and Duchess are expecting another little girl, and obviously it would be a lovely touch to honour Her Majesty’s grandmother, but it will be interesting to see if any boys’ names are backed over the coming weeks before the birth.”

The odds for Mary was recently 20/1, with Alice and Victoria being the odds-on favourites. Albert and Arthur are the odds-on favourite for a little prince.

It’s worth noting that in 2013, Ladbrokes had James as the odds-on favourite name in the weeks before Prince George was born, and after his birth but before a name was revealed, George shot to the top of the list.

In 2015, Elizabeth was at the top of the list in the weeks leading up to Charlotte’s birth, and Alice overtook the top spot once Princess Charlotte was born, but her name hadn’t been revealed.

Perhaps the most famous Mary in recent royal history was Queen Mary, wife of King George V and grandmother of the Queen Elizabeth II, who’s middle name is Mary. In Tudor times, a Queen Mary I reigned before the dawn of the first Elizabethan age; and Queen Mary II co-reigned with her husband, William III, during the Stuart era.

There’s also the infamous Mary, Queen of Scots, and, more recently, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

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