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Little girl meets her role model in the Duchess of Cambridge

Whether you like her or not, one thing the Duchess of Cambridge is doing without even trying is influencing women and girls. She has class, style, poise, and is kind, genuine and friendly. In our society where most young girls face naked photos of reality television stars and immature behaviour from other celebrities, the Duchess of Cambridge keeps her image clean. Here’s one such story where Catherine is having a positive influence on one young girl’s life.

During their Royal Tour of Canada a couple of months ago, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met a 10-year-old girl and struck up a friendship. For Madelyne Honcharuk though, a 5th grader from Vancouver, getting anywhere near the Duchess of Cambridge to hand her a bouquet of flowers would be a chance of a lifetime; but little did Madelyne know, she would get to meet the woman she admires as a role model.

Madelyne and her mum, Heather MacKenzie headed to Jack Pool Plaza on 25th September to catch a glimpse and hopefully to present the Duchess with flowers. Hello! Magazine Canada photographed the little girl, and as the huge crowd noticed, they parted to allow her to head to the front of the throng.

Out of all the people extending flowers to the Duchess, Catherine chose Madelyne. Of that moment, the young monarchist and fascinator collector told Hello!, “I probably will remember that whole day for the rest of my life.”

After handing the Duchess the flowers, Madelyne said, “Your Royal Highness, you are so beautiful.”

A beaming Catherine replied, “Darling, you are so beautiful.” She then complimented her on her lavender hairpiece and called the Duke over to say hello.

Madelyne is a smart girl. On the chance her bouquet would be selected, she attached a letter to the Cambridges which said, “I live in Vancouver, and I am very proud of my city. I hope that you will love your visit here and that this trip will be the start of a happy memory for Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who are both so adorable.”

She also showed her admiration for all the public service work done by the royals and mentioned her own family’s volunteer work.

Madelyne concluded her letter by saying, “Please wish Her Majesty a very happy 90th birthday, and tell her she is super-cool.”

Madelyne recently received a response to her bouquet letter from Kensington Palace. The Duke and Duchess were “immensely touched” by her letter and told her they were “interested to learn all about you and the things you like to do.”

To Madelyne, the letter “meant the world.” Heather, her mother agreed, saying, “Madelyne has a beautiful heart, and she thinks about the world deeply. She sees Kate as a role model. She sincerely admires her, – not just because she’s glamorous and a real-life princess, but because she’s making the world a better place.”

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