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King size play date for Prince George

Prince George, who is the undoubted star of the Royal tour of Australia and New Zealand, undertook his very first royal engagement today.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince George, attended a Plunket playgroup at Government House to show support for the baby organisation in New Zealand. Plunket, a society who provide support services for children under the ages of five, chose ten sets of first-time parents, all from a mix of different backgrounds and whose children were all born within weeks of Prince George, to attend the playgroup.


The excited parents sat in a circle on the floor of the Blundell room, while the children played in the centre with the mountains of toys left out for them to enjoy. While the Duke and Duchess mingled with parents and staff, young George started to develop his skills of the royal walkabout, a tradition all senior Royals undertake, by crawling and mixing with the other babies. At one point, Prince William joked: “It’s madness, there are babies everywhere.”

During the play-date, George was given his own ‘Well Child book’ from Plunket, with a special message inside for the Prince, and he also received a large Plunket blue bear.The young Prince did seem to enjoy his time playing with all the other babies. George interacted with the other children like any other eight-month old and, at one point, decided a toy that was being played with by Amelia Howe should become his.

The whole interaction, from start to finish, was very relaxed and informal, with William and Catherine seamlessly blending in as just another mother and father.

Photo Credit: Government House, New Zealand

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