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Kensington Palace is now selling Princess Charlotte-esk toys for her birthday

Just ahead Princess Charlotte’s second birthday, Kensington Palace is now selling a line of toys and accessories for every little princess inspired by Princess Charlotte.

The online store is selling everything from tiaras, costumes, cutlery, pendants and lip gloss based on a fictional ‘Princess Charlotte’, but inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s own daughter.

A £35 purple dress that would delight any little girl who would want to “imagine yourself gliding down the corridors of Kensington Palace like Princess Charlotte with this delightful princess fancy dress.”

Historic Royal Palaces

In 2015, Kensington Palace had a line of princess toys right before Princess Charlotte was born, with more collections for her christening. Other lines inspired by members of the Royal Family have included a Prince George line for his christening and an adult colouring book suitable named ‘Colour in Kate’ for the Duchess of Cambridge’s love of adult colouring books.

Historic Royal Palaces, the charity which runs Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace to name a few, released a colouring book featuring 31 pages of some of Kate’s most memorial moments.

The £5.99 book self-describes itself: ‘Colour in Kate, a modern style icon. From beautiful ball gowns and formal dresses to casually chic outfits – complete these stunning scenes and add colour to Kate’s wonderful wardrobe.’

The fictional Princess Charlotte character seen throughout the line does not resemble the young toddler but a Georgian princess complete with traditional wig, choker, and frilled collar. Although the princess may not be the world’s sweetheart, the line is sure to excite the smallest of royal fans.

Historic Royal Palaces

Other popular items from Princess Charlotte’s inspired line include a purple feather fan, pen, headbands, and snow globe.

Princess Charlotte is the youngest child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, behind her older brother, Prince George. She will celebrate her second birthday on 2 May.

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