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Just what is Prince William going to do next?

HRH Prince William at the Controls of a Search and Rescue Seaking HelicopterThe discussion over what Prince William will do in his career next has surfaced again recently, yet months after many sources have claimed that he is moving on away from the RAF, St James’s Palace are still yet to make any sort of announcement over the future of the Duke of Cambridge’s career.

Almost all sources agree that he will be leaving the RAF this summer and the two choices are either to return to the Household Cavalry or to leave the Army altogether. It is highly unlikely that he would choose the latter so it’s taken that he’ll be taking up perhaps a new post in the Household Cavalry.

Currently, Prince William is a Captain in the Blues and Royals, like his brother (incidentally, they’re both known as Captain Wales) and was seconded to the RAF a few years ago after deciding to continue with an Armed Forces career, even after being told he wouldn’t be able to serve on the front lines like his brother.

Currently, Flight Lieutenant Wales, as he is known in the RAF, works at RAF Valley in Anglesey, where he also rents a home which his wife and he occupy when he is working. His job involves flying Sea King helicopters to rescue people who have come into difficulty in places that road vehicles would be unable to reach.

Prince William’s contract ends this year and he is expected to finally make the announcement of what he is going to do next very soon.

Back in London, his household of around 10 staff is preparing to make the move from St James’s Palace to Kensington Palace as works finally finish on Apartment 1A and the offices for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s staff.

It was reported first by the Sunday Times a few weeks ago that Prince William could be taking up the role of Regimental Adjutant in the Blues and Royals. The role of an Adjutant is to be the administrative assistant to a more senior officer in the regiment. In this he would either be based in central London (at Hyde Park Barracks; very near Buckingham Palace) or in Windsor (obviously near Windsor Castle).

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare to welcome their first child in only a matter of days now, the Duke will probably be looking to stay close to home where possible and the job of Regimental Adjutant would allow him to do that.

Prince William will be taking 3 weeks’ paternity leave after the birth of the royal baby.

photo credit: Defence Images via photopin cc

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