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Jennie Bond: Duchess Of Cambridge And Diana Would Have Been Friends

Jennie Bond has claimed the Duchess of Cambridge and Diana, Princess of Wales would have been close friends and enjoyed a mother and daughter-in-law relationship.

The former royal commentator told The Express that she believed Diana would have warmed to The Duchess of Cambridge, and the two would have not argued.

“I don’t think there would have been any spats between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, I think Kate and Diana would have been friends.” Jennie revealed.

The commentator also revealed Diana would have loved a granddaughter although may not have liked becoming a grandmother so young.

Diana would have hated the idea of becoming a grandmother but I think she would have been brilliant, especially if the baby is a little girl – she never got have a daughter, so I think she would have loved it.”

Jennie who became close friends with Diana, spoke of the sadness of Prince William’s mother not being here today to see the life-changing moments of the future-king.

“William feels it more than anyone I think – that his mum hadn’t witnessed these great landmarks in his life, but he’s turned out just the way she would have hoped, she was always very proud of him.

“She said to me once ‘William’s alright, the country’s very lucky to have him.’”

Photo: Ian Jones/Child Bereavement Facebook

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