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‘I still can’t believe I’ve sung with Prince William’ says Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has spoken of her surprise at singing with Prince William.

The Grammy award-winning singer shared the stage with the Duke of Cambridge and Jon Bon Jovi at Centrepoint’s Winter charity gala last November.

“Prince William looked at me and said, ‘I’ll do it if you do it, too’, and then he took my hand,” the 24-year-old told Event magazine. “I was surprised and flattered and it felt surreal and natural at the same time.”

Taylor William and Bon Jovi

The music stars and William pleased the crowd with a rendition of ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ at the gala, which was held at Kensington Palace.

“We jumped on the stage and started to sing and then we were really yelling into the microphone and clapping hands. I still can’t believe I’ve sung with Prince William.”

The singer, who is currently in the UK as part of the sold-out RED Tour also revealed the Prince could be a pop star in the making.

“Even through all that I could hear his voice and it’s pretty good. A nice tone,” she explained. “I’d defintely say he has got star quality.

She added: “If he ever wants me to sing with him again I’ll be there. It was a night I will remember till I’m very, very old. The whole evening was completely wondrous.”

Taylor’s comments come as it was announced Prince William will take a starring role in this year’s BAFTA’s on February 16.

The Duke, attending solo, will watch the ceremony before presenting Dame Helen Mirren with the prestigious Fellowship Award.

Dame Helen famously won an Oscar and BAFTA for her portrayal as William’s grandmother, The Queen, in the critically acclaimed film The Queen.

Photo: BBC News

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