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Guy Pelly: ‘I am not going to be a godfather’

There has been much speculation in the headlines lately as to whether Guy Pelly, 31, a close friend of Prince William’s, would be asked to become one of Prince George’s godparents.

photo credit: ecstaticist via photopin cc

photo credit: ecstaticist via photopin cc

Mr. Pelly is a longtime friend of William and Harry’s, whose discretion and loyalty have been much appreciated by the Duke and his brother.

“Guy is very much the life of the party, but he is also fiercely loyal and protective of the princes,” said Katie Nicholl, in her book William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls. “There is a lot of history here.”

Well… the verdict is in, as Mr. Pelly confirmed to Richard Kay of the Daily Mail:

“People have been coming up to me and shaking my hand offering their congratulations all week. It’s been weird. I’ve had to explain to everyone that I am not going to be a godfather. They have got it all wrong,” he told the reporter whom he called yesterday to put an end to the rumours.

“I spoke to William yesterday about it and he confirmed I am not going to be one. And I want to set the record straight.”

As to whether this was a point of contention for His Royal Highness, Mr. Pelly said “William wasn’t annoyed about people getting it wrong, just quite matter-of-fact that it should be put right.”

A London club owner with a reputation that precedes him, Guy Pelly is adamant that William and Catherine’s decision had “nothing to do with me being a party animal”.

He added: “I love babies and I have calmed down quite a bit socially now. I think I will be a very, very good godfather — one day, at least. But it is their choice.”

Mr. Pelly is ready to reform his wild streak and turn over a new leaf, as his friends will attest.

“I’ve just returned from holidays in Greece and Ibiza with my girlfriend (“Tennessee-born arts graduate Elizabeth Wilson“) , but we didn’t do the party island thing. We had a nice quiet time,” said Mr. Pelly.

“I can’t be doing with staying out until three o’clock in the morning every night.”

In May 2012, Mr. Pelly chose to shut down his exclusive bar, Public Nightclub, when the High Court dismissed his plea to extend drinking hours past midnight. The bar was deemed a public nuisance by neighbouring residents, “and ‘number one crime generator’ when locals complained of drunken, rowdy revellers urinating in streets nearby.”

The reformed nightclub owner is set to make Central London the location for his latest project: the opening of a restaurant.

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