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‘Flight Lieutenant Wales’ Appears On BBC Helicopter Rescues

The Duke of Cambridge, known as Flight Lieutenant Wales in the RAF, has appeared on a BBC Wales documentary called ‘Helicopter Rescues’.

In his capacity as a Search & Rescue Pilot in the RAF, ‘Flight Lieutenant Wales’ has appeared on a BBC documentary called ‘Helicopter Rescues’ where he appeared performing his job and being interviewed about it as part of the BBC One Wales production.

During the documentary, the Duke of Cambridge spoke candidly about his role as a Search and Rescue pilot. Watching the documentary, it is clear that being a Search and Rescue pilot is something Prince William really enjoys and finds rewarding.

In one of the opening scenes, the Duke is involved in rescuing a 15-year-old boy from a quarry. With the help of his team, the crew collectively work out the best way to approach the situation and end up making a successful rescue.

The Duke, who is to become a father in July, emphasised the importance of forming bonds with the team and how a sense of camaraderie builds among the pilots as they work long shifts in each other’s company at RAF Valley for long periods of time.

Flight Lieutenant Wales said, “In this job, you’ve got to have some friends… you have to have people you can rely on.”

Working with his RAF colleagues, his dedication to his job is also clear. He says, “It really focuses your mind when you’ve got a real person at the end of it who needs your help; and you’re their only hope sometimes.”

“There’s no greater feeling than when you’ve done something and saved someone’s life”, he concluded.

The next part of this series will be on BBC One Wales at the same time next week.

Here is the promo that was for today’s episode.

Photo Credit: BBC One Wales

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