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Duke of Cambridge to speak at global summit

The Duke of Cambridge is set to take to the stage next month as the keynote speaker at a global summit focusing on combating illegal wildlife trade.

origin_5904521861Prince William, who has long been a supporter of environmental advocacy issues, is scheduled to make the keynote speech to over 50 heads of state, alongside David Cameron, who will be hosting the event in London. Prince Charles is also expected to be in attendance at the summit, as he shares his son’s passion for conservation efforts both at home and abroad.

The global summit, which is the largest of its kind to ever be held in regard to the illegal wildlife trade, will see the heads of many African nations and Asian countries in attendance. It is within countries such as China and South Africa that crimes involving wildlife are committed and illicit items are typically sold.

The illegal trading of ivory continues to be the leading threat against elephants and rhinos across African countries. Whilst in Asia, it is estimated that 100 million sharks are killed each year because of the popularity of shark fin soup. It is issues such as these which both Prince William and The Prince of Wales wish to stress to the world leaders at the event, so to encourage their support to act against such crimes which are endangering animals across the world.

It is expected that Prince William’s speech will highlight the issues that arise from illegal poaching, such as the connections to terrorism and international criminal syndicates. It is estimated that illegal poaching and trading has led to a £19 billion industry which then supports criminal enterprises across the globe.

photo credit: UK in Canada via photopin cc

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