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Duke of Cambridge to check in on youth coaching programme

Prince William will visit the   the Coach Core Project at the Westway Sports Centre 4 December.

Prince William will visit the
the Coach Core Project at the Westway Sports Centre 4 December.

The Duke of Cambridge will pay a visit to the Coach Core Project on 4 December at the Westway Sports Centre in London.

During his visit, Prince William will meet board members and participants in the London and Glasgow programmes. Partner project, RBI Harlem, part of the American Friends of the Royal Foundation, will also be in attendance. He will also watch the trainees leading volleyball and basketball coaching clinics.

The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry is teaming up with three organisations to put into action the Coach Core programme. In London, Greenhouse is carrying out the programme. Greenhouse began in 2002 as a scheme to give young people the opportunities to participate in positive activities.

The programme has been successful in using sports and coaching to improve the health, wellness and behaviour of young people.

In tandem with the London Olympic Games, in 2012 the Coach Core programme was launched by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

The programme allows underprivileged 16 to 24 year olds the chance to become sports coaches allowing them the tools necessary to gain employment, become involved in their community and have a positive influence of their friends and peers.

The first group of apprentice coaches will complete their training in February 2014.

The Royal Foundation in partnership with Glasgow Life also runs a Coach Core programme in Glasgow. As the London programme was synonymous with the Olympics, the goal is the same for the Glasgow programme and the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Glasgow Life offers numerous activities and runs 167 facilities and recreation sites. The goal is to provide residents with activities through sport and culture.

Harlem RBI and the Royal Foundation have also teamed up to provide the same type of program for inner city youth in New York. Harlem RBI began in 1991 with its “Play, Learn and Grow” campaign to engage young people ages five through 22 with activities revolving around sports and education.

photo credit: Jason Simpson via photopin

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