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Duke of Cambridge reads ‘I’m a Little Rhino’ story book to Vietnamese school children

The Duke of Cambridge is currently on a two-day solo trip to Vietnam where he’ll speak at the Illegal wildlife Trade Conference in Hanoi tomorrow. Today, however, the Duke spent time in the city, visiting and playing football with school children. He also spent time in a local cafe and at a traditional medicine shop where he learned of the efforts practitioners are making to curb the demand for rhino horn. Both Princes William and Harry have warned if the poaching of wildlife doesn’t cease, these animals will become extinct within a few decades.

William travelled to Hong Ha primary school located in the capital for story time where he read ‘I’m A Little Rhino’. The story’s purpose is to educate children about the African white rhino. It tells how poachers wrongly kill the endangered animal, believing its horns contain healing properties.

The story’s author, Teresa Telecky said: “Driving the crisis is the demand for rhino horn for its use in traditional medicines and health tonics despite the horn having no medicinal value.

“Our I’m A Little Rhino book educates children about rhinos and the threats to their survival and encourages them to ask adults in their lives not to buy or consume rhino horn.”

On first arriving to Vietnam, the Duke was greeted by Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Speaking of the meeting, a Kensington spokeswoman said: “During his call on the Prime Minister, the Duke spoke about the strength of the relationship between the United Kingdom and Vietnam and said he was looking forward to hearing what Vietnam was doing to tackle the challenges presented by the illegal wildlife trade.

“The Prime Minister said he was glad the Duke of Cambridge was visiting during the year of Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday.”

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