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Duke of Cambridge misses Commonwealth Day commemorations – goes skiing instead

The Queen and members of The Royal Family attended a Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on Monday. There was, however, a noticeable absence amongst the family.

Instead of attending the service, the Duke of Cambridge was on a skiing holiday in Switzerland.

The Duchess of Cambridge was also absent from the service, instead opting to stay at home looking after young Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Over 2,000 guests flocked to Westminster Abbey to watch the service which celebrates the Commonwealth ‘family of nations’.

Alongside The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abbey was The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry, The Duke of York and The Earl of Wessex.

The Countess of Wessex is currently undertaking engagements in Malawi, and the Princess Royal was also on a pre-arranged official engagement.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have attended the service in previous years.

Some are questioning whether it was appropriate for Prince William to miss this event, especially being as he will likely become Head of the Commonwealth in the future.

The Cambridge Family are often criticised for being ‘workshy’. Every year to date, both The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have conducted more engagements than William, Catherine and Harry combined.

There was also controversy last year when the Duchess of Cambridge broke an 115-year old tradition after failing to present St Patrick’s Day shamrocks to the Irish Guards.

However, it is evident that both the Cambridges and Prince Harry are already undertaking more engagements in 2017 than they did in 2016.

Behind the scenes meetings and events are now being recorded as official engagements on the Court Circular.

What are your thoughts on this story? Should the Duke of Cambridge have attended the Commonwealth Day service, or is he entitled to have a holiday?

  • wildrose

    Bill Middleton is a disgrace and as for his equally self indulged mrs – there is NO reason that she could not have attended. Self indulged, arrogrant pair of tossers.

    As for the Commonwealth, and coming from a Commonwealth Country, Britain has had enough of us as cannon fodder for their wars.

    Stuff them – spoilt brats.

    • Lee44444

      If he were a real father he would have respected his duty and set a better example.

  • UF

    Of course they should have gone. Both of them. Holiday from what? Both do precious little either in their public or private life. From their rising to staff ministrations until they lay their crowned heads on their soft silken pillows or get busy producing more grandchildren for HM & HRH, even the most minor details of their pampered existence are taken care of. British taxpayers are currently shelling out a small fortune to accommodate their new 23 room digs at Kennsington where Harry presently enjoys a “cottage” for entertaining his latest conquest. Did these two stars fear they’d find no transport to Westminster, no place to park? Would there be no seats for them? Perhaps they had no clothes to wear? The next time a Commonwealth nation is considering whether to remain or go they might think of that esteem in which their future King and Queen hold them. Given the import HM assigns to the Commonwealth and granted her age, one might have thought Wills could have sacrificed a day of his precious skiing to head over to Westminster and give voice to his respect for the Commonwealth. And surely Kate doesn’t expect really hard working mums across the land to give credence to her excuse that she’s raising her two royal photo ops? She couldn’t get a sitter? They’re not the brightest couple. Their advisers can’t be too sharp either. After all the criticism that has been directed at them recently with regard to their “work shyness”, one might have thought they’d have had the good sense to show up.

  • Jan Turner

    He is definitely entitled to a Holiday! and the Duchess should take a day off too!

    • Lee44444

      Why don’t their children look like either of them?

  • Lee44444

    Lazy, arrogant and selfish as usual.

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