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Duke of Cambridge goes above and beyond the call of duty

Tuesday saw the Duke of Cambridge on a mission to rescue a young man who was injured by a tree branch whilst on the job as helicopter co-pilot.

Rather than remaining aboard the aircraft, he helped transport the patient and ride with him in the ambulance to the hospital before being driven back to the helicopter to continue on to his next emergency mission.

Recently, both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been criticised for being ‘work-shy’ by not carrying out their share of royal duties.

This is certainly the first time in the eight months since he has served as co-piolot that William has been pictured doing more than required of him. He is usually only seen seated in the helicopter, but these images show the true extent to which he throws himself in to his work – saving lives.

After landing at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, The Duke is the first to exit the aircraft. He appears calm and collected as he assists his colleagues transfer their patient on to the ambulance stretcher.

Instead of returning to the air ambulance, he then climbs aboard and heads to the hospital, accompanying the patient who was thought to have suffered a fractured pelvis. His injury was splinted during the short ride.

After about thirty minutes, The relaxed Duke was taken back to the air ambulance where he checked over the aircraft and lifted off, heding to his next emergency.

Based out of the Cambridge Airport, the Duke flies a EC145 T2 aircraft. He draws a salary which he donates with his formal employment with the Bond Air Services. The charity completes over 150 missions each month ranging from road accidents to heart attacks.

The Duke and his colleagues respond to emergencies in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

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