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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge about to move into Kensington Palace apartments

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who have famously lived as “normally” as possible in a rented farmhouse in Anglesey, Wales, will soon be relocating to their fit-for-a-King “apartment” in Kensington Palace. This is the farmhouse that no member of the general public has ever been privy to see. It has been, since The Cambridges moved in, strictly off limits to the press and paparazzi – an order that has been honorably upheld.  And the apartment is, of course, larger than most single-family homes throughout the country and recently underwent a significant refurbishment and renovation project.

Kensington Palace is now where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's household is fully based.

During their time in Anglesey, where the couple moved in 2010 following Prince William’s appointment to RAF Valley as a Search and Rescue pilot, The Duke and Duchess have maintained a level of anonymity that has not been afforded to members of the royal family before or since. The local residents seem to be just as protective of the royal couple as they are proud, with very few “leaks” as to their whereabouts and only a handful of paparazzi or mobile phone photos ever having been released during their time there.

It’s no wonder, then, that the couple have been content to remain in Wales for as long as possible. During the later months of The Duchess’s pregnancy, she split her time between London and her parents’ home in Bucklebury, presumably to be closer to her doctors in London, but a few weeks after the birth of Prince George the couple were once again tucked away in their quaint cottage. During a recent engagement – attending the Anglesey Show – Prince William announced that he and The Duchess would be moving back to London once his contract with the RAF ended, and stated to the crowd that he would miss their small town “terribly.”

With the revelation that Prince William will be leaving the RAF in the coming weeks and that the couple will be moving to London full-time, the next general progression is for their current landlord to prepare the house to let again. The Cambridges are rumored to currently be paying a very reasonable £750 per month to rent the property, which is more than likely a reflection of the economic climate at the time Prince William signed his initial lease than any preferential treatment. Now that the economy has bounced back a bit, and the house has been inhabited by both the second and third in line to the throne, it’s likely that the landlord will be able to charge a fair bit more in rent.

Photos courtesy of UGArdener and Bert Kaufmann via photopin cc.

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