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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to visit Germany and Poland

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are to make a visit to Poland and Germany on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The couple previously announced a two-day trip to Paris later this month.

Prince William previously travelled to Germany in the summer of 2016 where he attended some events in Dusseldorf which honoured the role of British Armed Forces based in the country.

During an event, where the Duke spoke alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, William claimed the “depth” of Britain’s friendship with Germany would not be altered by Brexit.

With a visit to France, Germany and Poland, it is speculated that the couple are acting as unofficial Brexit ambassadors. The government is keen to emphasise via these royal visits the strong friendship between the UK and Europe.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “Royal visits play a very important role in the United Kingdom’s bilateral diplomacy.

“Whilst every royal visit is unique, each visit is designed to support foreign policy objectives and promote closer ties across a range of areas, for example cultural, economic or political, between the UK and the host country.”

The Duchess of Cambridge has not made an official trip to Germany before. This will also be the first time the couple have toured Poland on behalf of the government.

Currently very few details about the visit have been announced; however, they will be at a later date.

Polish Presidential Minister, Krzysztof Szczerski said:  The Polish presidential couple will be happy to welcome them in our country in July of this year.

He added: “We see in this visit a confirmation of cordial ties between our countries and peoples. It is our intention the visit of the princely couple includes elements of an official visit and private time between both couples.”

The British Monarchy has strong ties with Germany. A succession of sovereigns including George I were born in what is now modern Germany; they also acted as rulers of Hanover.

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