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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge set to revitalise English Countryside

The big Cambridge news this week may have been the announcement that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting the Royal couple’s second child, but attentions may well soon be turning to the Cambridge’s imminent move to Norfolk and the prospect of them revitalising a very remote part of the country.

The Duke and Duchess along with Prince George and the new addition to the family are expected to make their move in Spring 2015 in readiness for Prince William’s new step in his career as an Air Ambulance Pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance service. The family will take up residence at Amner Hall, a 10 bedroomed house on Her Majesty The Queen’s Sandringham Estate. The decision to move to Norfolk has reportedly put a spotlight on an area that up until now has been somewhat ignored by relocating urban dwellers.

medium_7028626231Lindsay Cuthill, head of the country department at Savills, had this to say about the upcoming move, “The presence of William and Kate will make a difference in terms of perception. It will give the area a bit of a sheen; you can hardly move in Tetbury- the town closest to Prince Charles’s Highgrove Estate- for tourists, and interest in an area breeds commercial success.”

Many have argued that the closest thing Norfolk has to a fashionable address is the village of Burnham Market. The owner of Sowerbys estate agents, Max Sowerby had this to say of Burnham, “It is different to anywhere else in the area because it has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. It has amazing shops and restaurants and pubs, a lot of Londoners have their second home here.” Mr Sowerby did also state that a lot of the attraction of Burnham Market comes from the fact that some of its coastlines were used as locations for the film ‘Shakespeare in Love.’

It is unknown at the moment whether the ‘William and Kate effect’ will eventually see house prices in Norfolk rise. Alastair Brown of Strutt and Parker was unsure, though he was very positive about a move to Norfolk, “We have sea on three sides and no motorways, which means it is an effort to get here. It is not on the beaten track or trendy, but I would say you get between 20% to 50% more house for your money here than in counties closest to London.”

It can be assumed that Norfolk’s quiet, cut off feel, open expanses of countryside and lack of London’s hustle and bustle are among the factors that attracted The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the county and Mr Sowerby puts it quite simply, “They wont have anybody bothering them in Norfolk.”

In my opinion Norfolk has so much to offer including Norwich Cathedral, the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum and most importantly the Dads Army Museum! I think that although William and Kate’s move to Norfolk will no doubt be beneficial to the county, it will just add to the attraction of an already charming and magnificent part of the country.
photo credit: tsaiproject via photopin cc

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