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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue work with #HeadsTogether campaign

On Friday 16 September, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend Stewards Academy in Harlow, Essex to continue the work they have started with their Heads Together campaign.

The campaign aims at raising awareness of mental health problems that face youth, which they started with the duke’s brother, Prince Harry.

During the morning assembly, the duo will listen to the students who will give presentations on coping with change. Prince William will then follow the speeches with one of his own to bring to light the importance of the work being done by Heads Together and the emotional and mental health of young people.

After the morning assembly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will join a lesson for the ‘big change’ a mentor scheme set up by the school with older students help the new students through their first year of school

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will even be sitting in on a lesson as they join students for the school’s mentor scheme ‘big change’ in which older students support the new entrants embarking on their first year of school.

From there Prince William and Kate will be shown across the school quad by the Academy’s Head Girl and Head Boy where pupils will look on. A limited number of parents will have the chance to meet with the Duke and Duchess where the couple, who are also parents to two young children, will talk about the role parents can take to encourage their children to talk about big changes they are undergoing.  To help guide parents through these conversations, Heads Together will be putting together a Back to School guide.

The launch of Heads Together took place in May 2016 where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry took turns in the boxing ring taking shots at former boxer, Duke McKenzie. 


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