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Duchess Of Cambridge’s Mother Carole Middleton Saves The Day

medium_5669841886The Duchess of Cambridge’s mother has been praised after finding a missing dog in her home town.

Carole Middleton, one of the most famous mothers in the country, has become a local heroine as she found the missing dog and took the time to reunite the pedigree with its owner, The Telegraph reports.

“I am so grateful,” Basia Hamilton told a reporter at the Telegraph.

“Our dog had disappeared and we didn’t know where it could be.”

Basia, who is also a royal portrait painter is a neighbour of the Middletons in Bucklebury and knows Michael and Carole well.

“Mrs Middleton was driving in her car when she spotted a dog by the road. She got out and, when she saw from the collar that it was ours, brought it home. She is very kind.”

Since her daughter’s wedding to Prince William in 2011, Carole has been constantly praised for her dignified composure and kind-hearted nature.

Last month, Tatler named her their ‘Mother of the Year’ describing her as the “one who Kate will turn to for help and advice on raising her own children”.

Kate, who is now known as The Duchess of Cambridge, has constantly relied on her mother’s support in recent years and the couple have been spotted shopping for baby goodies in recent weeks with the couple spending time in an exclusive baby boutique in London.

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