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Duchess of Cambridge tops poll as ‘favourite British Royal’

The Duchess of Cambridge topped the poll by just 9 votes.

The Duchess of Cambridge topped the poll by just 9 votes.

A recent Royal Central poll shows that the Duchess of Cambridge is Britain’s favourite member of the Royal Family.

In a survey of just over 1,000 people a majority of 28% of people said that their favourite member of the Royal Family was the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge.

Her Majesty The Queen was a very close second, behind at 27% and remains extremely popular.

In second poll, we found that 83% of people say that The Queen should not abdicate due to old age and should continue reigning.

This poll comes just hours after the announcement that the King of the Belgians would become the second European Monarch to abdicate in just 3 months, after Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated at the end of April, making way for her son King Willem-Alexander.

Prince Harry has seen an increase in his approval ratings coming in at third most popular member of the Royal Family with 16% of people saying that he is their favourite member of the Royal Family.

With the Duchess of Cambridge preparing to give birth to the future Monarch of the United Kingdom (and Commonwealth), the future looks bright for the royals. We found that a majority of 27% of people think that the Duchess of Cambridge will give birth before 12th July.

With approval ratings in the UK for the Monarchy also as high as ever at 73%  (compared to just 16% who support an elected head of state) – the British Monarchy is also one of the most successful and popular in the world.

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  • angela

    A poll of readers of a blog say waity katey is more popular than the queen. ha ha what a joke. Probably the same type of people who hope the baby will be a girl with blonde hair called Diana.

  • GI bride

    No Queen Elizabeth II should not resign, She gave her oath to serve and she should up to her death. Unless she could name William and by-pass Charles, Which I believe she cannot legally do. Why would England want Charles who committed adultery with a well used women and women about town and place her on the throne beside him

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