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Duchess of Cambridge to visit Edinburgh charity projects

The Duchess of Cambridge will be visiting Edinburgh next week on Wednesday 24th February.

Known as The Countess of Strathearn in Scotland, she will be taking the time to visit three charity projects that are all school based. The primary focus of the visit will be to look the partnership that has formed between the communities, schools and the charities that allow for them to offer a variety of integrated programmes and sporting activities to assist in the growth of children and youth.

To start off her day, The Duchess will be visiting two of her patronages in Edinburgh, Place2Be and The Art Room, continuing the valuable work to bring attention to the plight that children undergo in regards to mental health.

Located in Scotland since 2001, Place2Be is the UK’s leading children’s mental health charity with school support for the emotional health of not only the children but their families, teachers and other school staff. Place2Be is operational in 28 schools throughout Edinburgh and Glasgow serving about 8.000 children.

The Art Room opened in Scotland in 2014, helping kids raise their confidence and self-esteem through art. Teaching life skills, youth are also able to transform their experiences through art  into their own futures.

Later in the day, Catherine will be taking part in a Tennis on the Road coaching clinic hosted by Judy Murray, the event is designed to develop the game at a grassroots level by giving children a chance to experience and enjoy tennis. Through creative activities, each event is made to appeal to parents, teachers, volunteers and development teams to help children learn the core skills.


The Duchess of Cambridge has focused the majority of her patronages on helping bring to light the issues children face in regards to mental health. She has completed countless work with Place2Be, just releasing a video where she urges that children must “supported through difficult times in their lives” and be given “tools to cope”-which all of the days charities provide.


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