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Duchess of Cambridge responds to young fan

When Paisley schoolgirl, Hannah Larkin, wrote to The Duchess of Cambridge she never imagined that she would receive a response. Well that is exactly what she did receive and when the letter from Kensington Palace arrived, Hannah was thrilled that they had taken the time to respond.

Hannah is a massive fan of The Duchess of Cambridge and like Kate, she is a very fashion conscious lady, even at the young age of six. As well as her letter to the Duchess, Hannah also included two drawings of dresses that she said she would like to make for Kate.

Hannah’s Mum Kayleigh spoke to the Paisley Daily Express about the letter, “Hannah had asked if she could design a dress for Kate and send it to her- and I thought why not? I explained to Hannah that while the chance of getting a reply was slim, I thought it would be nice of her to send it anyway.”

Kayleigh went on to say that she couldn’t wait to pick Hannah up from school on the day that the letter arrived and that when she did, Hannah shed tears of joy over the knowledge of what was waiting for her at home.

Kensington Palace’s letter described Hannah’s drawings as ‘very pretty’ and they also included a photo of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for Hannah to keep. Hannah’s Mum continued, “Hannah couldn’t wait to tell everyone about the letter from the palace, so my neighbour photocopied and laminated it, so she could take it to school to show her friends. They were all so happy for her as was her teacher.”

Kayleigh confirmed that the reason Hannah included two dress sketches in her letter was because when she is older she would love to be a fashion designer. She added, “Last Christmas, we bought her a fashion sketch book and she used it to design her drawings for Kate.”

Who knows, maybe Hannah Larkin will be a future fashion designer for a future Queen, watch this space!

Featured Photo Credit: Government House NZ/Woolfe/Crown

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