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Duchess of Cambridge ‘related to Beatrix Potter’

According to a report in The Daily Telegraph today, the Duchess of Cambridge is related to the famous children’s author, who had given the Middleton family her own original hand-painted illustrations as gifts before her death in 1943.


The Duchess’s Great-Great-Great Uncle was Dr Arthur Lupton, the Leeds University Chancellor, whose brother-in-law was the 1st Baron Ashton of Hyde. Lord Ashton was the first cousin of Beatrix Potter. Sufficed to say: it may be complicated, but they are related.

Art historian, Michael Reed, said “Beatrix had given the Middleton family a number of her own drawings, including four for Kate’s blood cousins, sisters Elinor and Elizabeth; who were the daughters of Dr Lupton.”

Mr Reed says the associations go even further. Rupert Potter, Beatrix’s father, had been taught at Manchester College by the Duchess of Cambridge’s ancestor, Dr James Martineau.

Beatrix lived in the Lake District, a place where Peter Middleton (Kate’s Grandfather) regularly visited on holiday.

There will be a party on Tuesday held at Kensington Palace for Prince George, with The Queen being one of the guests expected to attend.

Photo Credit: Governor General New Zealand

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