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Duchess of Cambridge ‘is Princess William’


Catherine automatically became Princess William through marriage on her wedding day.

And so we’ve settled it once and for all… Royal Central was told today that The Duchess of Cambridge is also Princess William in addition to being Duchess of Cambridge.

Earlier this week, confusion arose when some members of the media were given mixed messages from the Press Offices at Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace. Some received affirmations that the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t a Princess at all and others received hints that she may be a Princess suo jure.

However, Royal Central can confirm that there has been no change in title or break with precedent for the Duchess of Cambridge and that she remains (as she has been since her wedding day) Princess William of Wales, in addition to being Duchess of Cambridge.

A Kensington Palace spokeswoman told us, “Upon marriage to HRH Prince William of Wales, Catherine Middleton was entitled to use the name of her husband: Princess William of Wales, as the wife of a Royal Prince.”

This tallies exactly with what we knew before the royal titles drama this week.

In addition to this, the spokeswoman also confirmed “The Duchess of Cambridge has since her wedding day been a Princess, and it was for this reason that “Princess of the United Kingdom” was noted on the registration of her son, Prince George of Cambridge.”

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  • KC

    Hopefully all the news stories will now stop referring to her as “Kate Middleton”. It was so annoying to see all the headlines, “Kate Middleton gives birth to boy”, and only later in the article it refers to her properly.

    • Kate

      unfortunately we all know that that will never happen… Prince William’s mother is still referred to as Lady Di or Princess Diana, althoug she stopped being Lady Di when she married and she was never Princess Diana but rather, Diana Princess of Wales…

      • Well said. xo Lulu

      • adamson

        But at least they referred to her as “Lady Di” or “Princess Di” rather than referring to her as Diana Spencer after her marriage. I see vast numbers of “Kate Middleton” post-marriage references but don’t recall many “Diana Spencer” post-marriage references.

    • I find that annoying too but I think that they do it because that is how most people (who are not royal watchers) know her. If the post a headline that reads, “The Duchess of Cambridge” people don’t automatically know who that is but if it reads “Kate Middleton” they do. It’s annoying but I think that might be the reason why they do it. xo Lulu

  • KC

    But, Diana was never referred to as (Lady) Diana Spencer, nor Camilla referred to as Camilla Parker-Bowles, after each of their marriages. I don’t understand the media’s insistence on referring to the Duchess by her maiden name Kate Middleton. The only time I understoodd it is on their wedding day, “Kate Middleton marries Prince William”, but after that, its almost like a snub.

    • Actually a LOT of the media & people called he Lady Di or Princess Di (which I always thought was so tacky) during her life.

      • adamson

        But people didn’t refer to her in the media as “Diana Spencer” after her marriage.

  • I have a solution. Let’s just call her the “Queen of AWESOMENESS” & call it a day! xo 🙂 Lulu

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