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Duchess Of Cambridge Has ‘Shortlist Of Royal Baby Names’

It was revealed today that the Duchess of Cambridge has a shortlist of baby names and that the baby is due in mid-July.

When the Duchess of Cambridge visited Scotland today (where she is known as the Countess of Strathearn), whilst talking to people during the visit, she revealed three key pieces of information that are significant, pertaining to the royal baby.

The first is that the Royal baby is due in mid-July, an advancement on what was previously known which was that the baby is due at any time during July.

Also, we now know that the Duchess intends to suspend her royal duties from mid-June in preparation for the baby’s birth.

Most interestingly, we have found out that the Duchess of Cambridge has composed a shortlist of potential names for the new royal baby.

The name is expected to conform to the usual royal ‘rules’ and certainly won’t be anything outrageous.

According to the Daily Mirror’s Royal Reporter, Victoria Murphy, the Duchess is finding it really difficult to select names as her friends keep texting her name suggestions.

It’s not yet known whether we’ll see the Duchess of Cambridge at this year’s Trooping The Colour as that is exactly in the middle of June.

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