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Duchess Of Cambridge ‘Excites Nation’s Expectant Mothers With Royal Baby’

kate-hair-03-051413HRH The Duchess of Cambridge has excited mums-to-be across the country in expecting her first child, reportedly on 13th July.

The Daily Mail ran a feature today, interviewing mothers-to-be with similarities to the Duchess of Cambridge. One mother-to-be (whose husband is an RAF technician) whose due date is 13th July, like the Duchess’s is reported to be said, “We always joke that the Duchess of Cambridge is my rival — amazingly, her baby is due on the same day as ours. Our husbands work for the RAF, William and Kate got engaged at the same time as us and set a similar wedding date.”

Another future mother, due on 16th July, commented on the Duchess’s effortless bearing of maternity fashion, saying: “I’m not jealous of Kate’s designer clothes: it is so nice to see a pregnant woman look glamorous and she seems so happy. It’s been lovely expecting at the same time, as if my pregnancy is being celebrated just a bit more than normal.”

Many expectant mothers have enjoyed the way in which the Duchess of Cambridge’s maternity style has encouraged them to be more ambitious and glamorous with their baby bump. One expectant mother, due on 17th July, said, “I love the fact Kate has made pregnancy so fashionable. She looks great, though I have no idea how she’s still wearing heels. I can barely stand in mine, let alone walk. And while people say she has a small bump, I’m not too big either.”

Information Source: Daily Mail
Photo Credit: The Press Association

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