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Duchess Of Cambridge Attends Queen’s Scouts Parade At Windsor Castle

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has attended the Queen’s Scout Award parade at Windsor Castle today, on Her Majesty’s birthday with her in residence.

The Essex scouts initially congregated at nearby Victoria Barracks (where The Queen’s Guards guarding Windsor Castle live) performing a rehearsal and other preps, before going to Windsor Castle to meet the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prior to all this going on, the traditional (now daily) Changing the Guard at Windsor Castle went on in the Upper Quadrangle, where the Band of the Irish Guards played ‘Happy Birthday To You’ among other songs, whilst Her Majesty was in residence, privately celebrating her birthday today.

Photo Credit: @MeredithMcPhail on Twitter.

Her Majesty in residence at Windsor Castle today for her birthday.
Photo Credit: @MeredithMcPhail on Twitter.

The Duchess, who is now around 6 months pregnant, has notably increased in size in the last few days, now the due date [July] draws ever nearer.

Prior to the parade of scouts at 2 o’clock, the senior scouts assembled in St George’s chapel at 11am for a Matins service.

The scouts then assembled in the Upper Ward of Windsor Castle, where The Queen’s private apartments are, and awaited the arrival of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Queuing outside Windsor Castle to get in for the parade. Photo Credit to: @MrKarlCooper on Twitter.

Queuing outside Windsor Castle to get in for the parade.
Photo Credit to: @MrKarlCooper on Twitter.

Another church will take place at 3pm at St George’s Chapel which was this time organised by The Queen’s Scouts themselves.


Inside the Upper Ward, preparing for the Duchess of Cambridge’s arrival.
Photo Credit to: @MrKarlCooper on Twitter.

According to Christine from What Would Kate Do?, the Duchess wore a Whiteley Capuccino hat, LK Bennett Sledge pumps and mint coat and dress. Saying that the hat was a recycled item and the rest was new. The Duchess came out at about 2pm and was greeted by Scout leader, Bear Grylls and scouts bearing flowers.

Whilst the Band of the Guards played in the background, the Duchess went around and met members of the scouts.

Hello! Magazine also reports that The Duchess will go in after the parade for a birthday tea with The Queen.

Featured Image: @MrKarlCooper on Twitter.

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