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Daily Mail Reports Duchess Of Cambridge To Live With Mother After Birth

The Daily Mail’s front page for tomorrow is a story which claims the Duchess of Cambridge is to live with her parents after the birth of her first child in July.

The article, written by the Mail’s Rebecca English claims friends are aware of the Duchess’s intentions to temporarily move in with friends after the baby’s birth and will not be requiring the services of a Royal Nanny, as is tradition.

The Mail reports that, ‘Kate says she just feels safe and most secure with her family and believes that no one could be better placed to teach her about bringing up a baby than her mum’.

It also seems to infer that Prince William may continue in the RAF after the birth of the royal baby saying, “She will particularly need her [Carole Middleton’s] advice and moral support when Prince William returns to work as a helicopter pilot after taking paternity leave”.

The article is due to be published in tomorrow’s Daily Mail.

Royal Central cannot verify these reports and the article could well be speculation, it does cite ‘Kate’s friends’ as sources.

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Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, from ‘Tomorrow’s Papers Today’

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