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Commemorative portrait on sale for The Cambridge’s tour to New Zealand

In honour of the Cambridge’s visit to New Zealand, a commemorative portrait has been commissioned by country’s the Heritage Gallery.

Carole Hughes, a local artist has created the piece, seen below, worth $2000 NZD. The poster depicts the young family visiting their namesake town, Cambridge, on the north of the island, as well as visiting the new national velodrome, also in Cambridge.

Hughes is renowned in her home town, where she uses thick brush strokes to create modern art pieces, in bright colours. The portrait shows the faceless Royals, recognisable by a brunette figure holding a baby in a blue polka-dot dress in high heels, and a tall blonde man in a dark suit standing behind her.

Postcards and posters will also be available to buy, for those who can’t stretch to the original piece, at $25.00 for a poster, and a pack of five postcards for $10.00.

All profits will be donated to Plunket House, whose Nurses will meet with The Duke and Duchess tomorrow. We also hope to see Prince George at Government House, playing with other young babies and their parents. Nine out of every 10 New Zealanders are ‘Plunket babies’, says Heritage Gallery’s site, showing the influence of the organisation.

Feature photo credit:  Heather via photopin cc

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