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Cambridges’ spaniel Lupo set to star in children’s book

A new children’s book series will be released in September, with the first called ‘The Adventures of Lupo the Royal Dog: The Secret of Windsor Castle‘. The protagonist of the book is a cocker spaniel named Lupo, based on the real-life pet belonging to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Abigail King, author of the new series, has her own cocker spaniel called Lily, whom she walks in Kensington Gardens, where the Royal dog Lupo is also exercised, inspiring her new book. Lupo is not the only recognisable character in the books: Prince George, his nanny, The Queen, and William and Kate all appear as part of the story.

Mrs King’s first book bears the blurb:

“Lupo is out for a walk with Nanny and the Prince in Kensington Gardens when he is lured into the web of a terrible crime. Cyrus the swan has been attacked, and some precious royal treasure stolen. Lupo is innocent but his reputation is in tatters. Can he prove his innocence? Meanwhile, his rival, Vulcan the corgi is plotting to take over the realm.Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

Animals take sides in a classic battle of good versus evil, involving journeys through underground tunnels, down the hallowed corridors of historic palaces, and in the staterooms of the most important people of the land. At the heart of this story is the loyal bond between Lupo and the baby prince.”

Vulcan is also a real pet of the Queen’s, a ‘Dorgi’ (Corgi-Daschund cross); this characterisation may not be far from the truth as Her Majesty’s dogs have been given a reputation for biting at guest’s ankles at Buckingham Palace. Lupo was also not taken to Sandringham for the Christmas break as it was thought the corgis wouldn’t like his presence after The Queen’s corgis attacked and bit Max, Princess Beatrice’s dog, who almost lost an ear in the fight.

King’s agent, Vicki Field said: ‘It is a really exciting and imaginative children’s book that draws its reader into the imaginary world of Lupo, the royal dog.

‘Abigail has included fleeting references to the Duke, Duchess and Prince George as well as other members of the royal family, but the focus is very much on the animals of the Royal Household – dogs, corgis, cats, mice and the like. We are very excited about the project.’

The 224 page book will not be the end of Lupo’s journey, as Hodder Children’s Books has acquired the series. Trademarks are also being taken against ‘Lupo’ for merchandise like cuddly toys and board games for children.  More books are scheduled to be released in 2015.

The book can be pre-ordered here.


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