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Cambridge family end tour of Poland

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, alongside their two children, arrived in Poland for the start of a state visit on Monday. On Tuesday evening, they left and headed to Germany.

The Cambridges had some trouble getting Prince George to get off the plane to the waiting dignitaries in the rain. With a few words from his father, he was ready to go through.

The visit started off with a lunch with President Andrzej Duda. During this, the children retired to Belvedere Palace which was kitted out with toys and games for the two young royals.  Prince George and Princess Charlotte will spend most of the royal visit in Belvedere Palace while their parents carry out more serious duties.

The Duke and Duchess read out a letter from Her Majesty The Queen which praised the two countries strong bilateral ties.  The trip, which was requested by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is seen as a charm offensive to maintain good relations with countries following the UK’s vote to exit the European Union.

The Duke and Duchess went on a short walkabout in front of the presidential palace where a huge crowd of over 1000 people waited to greet them. The Duchess was presented with a bouquet of flowers from a group of children who were waving UK and Polish flags.

Magda Mordaka, who is a student in Poland said: “We are fans of the British Monarchy. We have a Facebook group. We love her style and her contact with people. We were waiting for this visit from the very beginning.”

She added that they were telling the Duchess she was “beautiful and perfect” however, according to Magda the Duchess said, “It’s not true- it’s just the makeup.”

Helena Wozna, 63 said: “Prince William shook my hand. I’m happy I came here.”

The royal couple then met World War II veterans at the museum of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the Germans. As well as that, they met representatives from both Polish and British businesses at a business centre.

The Royal visit will end in Germany on the 21st of this month.

  • Mr. Christian

    When a few days ago, President Trump “paid his respects” to the courageous people of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, during his speech, the crowd kept interrupting with calls of OSS, OSS. This is a reference to the Office of Strategic Services, which frequently operated as there with resistance forces. The OSS was the sometimes contested creation of President FDR with British assistance. I hope while visiting you speak of the great heroism of these combined forces. I think it would be appropriate to adopt for that speech, President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, “few shall remember what said here; but, none shall forget what was done here.” I speak now to Prince William as a “distant relative, the son of an OSS officer educated father, who himself had a major role in helping to train Spitfire pilots for “the Battle for Britain,” and sometimes grieving man for such as the OSS veterans, and most courageous veterans of WW II, including my “Dad.”

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