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British public weighs in on top picks for name of Royal Baby

If the British public has a say in naming the next royal baby, then get ready to meet Prince James, Princess Victoria, or Princess Elizabeth. polled 4,000 Britons to compile their results and pitted the public against the bookie odds.

“Considering that the first two royals were named George and Charlotte, it’s assumed that Prince William and Kate Middleton will continue to opt for traditional names,” reads’s website.

“We’ve pitted the bookies against the wise and noble Great British public by surveying 4,000 people, to find out if the public and the bookies see eye to eye on what the tiny tot will be called. Spoiler: they don’t.”

The Duchess of Cambridge wrapped up her final engagements on Thursday before beginning her maternity leave. She is reportedly due sometime in April.

While Princess Victoria and Princess Elizabeth tied for the top girl names determined by the British public, the bookies are hedging their bets on a Princess Mary, a Princess Alice, or Princess Victoria.

A baby prince, per the bookies, will be named Prince Arthur, Prince Henry, or Prince Albert.

Londoners think a baby princess will be named Victoria, Elizabeth, or Grace, but the top choice across the country is Victoria – except in the South West, which favours Elizabeth.

According to, James is the most popular boys name prediction in the North East, and Philip is second, while Philip is the top guess in East Anglia.

Women predicted Victoria as their top princess name and men chose Elizabeth. Women and men both picked James as their top prince name and would get paid at 21/1 odds if that’s the name William and Kate choose.

“Royal events often generate a lot of interest from bettors,” reads’s website, noting that people are “preparing to wager on everything from if Prince Harry will shave his beard for his upcoming wedding to who will design Meghan Markle’s wedding dress.” notes that before Prince George was born in 2013, betting on his name was about £5 million; and that people are feeling safe about betting on Cambridge babies because Will and Kate pick traditional names.

When Prince George was born, George was the top name of bookmakers, but when Princess Charlotte was born, Alice was the top name.




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