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Bear Grylls praises The Duchess of Cambridge

Adventure hero Bear Grylls has praised Kate Middleton for her contribution to the Scouts.

The TV star who is the UK’s Chief Scout praised The Duchess of Cambridge for the time and support she has given to the organisation, and credited her with helping raise membership levels.

“It’s great that so many adults are joining the Scouts, and I am sure the increase has had much to do with the Duchess of Cambridge becoming a Scout volunteer last year.”

He continued, noting how The Duchess’s support for the organisation has continued to encourage others to volunteer, “She’s also such a generous volunteer and everyone is so excited to have her in the Scouting family. Many people have followed her lead and are getting involved and enjoying the adventure.”

“Many people have followed her lead and are getting involved and enjoying the adventure!”

Since the Duchess joined the Scouts in 2012, the organisation has seen the second biggest rise in volunteers since 1986.

The Duchess was a member of Brownies as a youngster and now volunteers regularly with the Scouts joining them for activity days.

This is not the first time Bear Grylls has praised the royal mum-to-be.

“The Duchess has an incredibly busy life, This makes it all the more inspiring that she has chosen to volunteer alongside us.” he said earlier this year.

“Over the last few years it has been our mission to make it easier for adults to give as much or as little as they are able. It is how we change our society: many people doing a little bit.”

Photo: The Scout Association / Facebook


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