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Back To Work For The Duchess Of Cambridge

The Duchess Of Cambridge will be very much getting back into the swing of things today. The Duchess will be attending Action On Addiction as part of her charity work within the Royal Family. The Duchess is believed to be now half-way through her pregnancy and according to many sources, it will begin to show on today’s engagement.

The engagement comes as it was announced yesterday that Action on Addiction will receive the support 100 Women in Hedge Funds in a collaboration to honour Kate’s patronage of both causes.

Many sources say that the Duchess has now almost fully recovered for her earlier Hyperemesis Gravidarum and is well on the way to having a healthy baby that, yes, will one day be Sovereign of the United Kingdom.

The Duchess’s charity choice, action on addiction, was chosen in January last year and was one of the first four charities to benefit from one of the most popular members of the Royal Family’s patronage. Royal aides have said she is “working behind the scenes” with her charities and plans to work throughout her pregnancy with announcements of further visits expected to come shortly.

The Duchess Of Cambridge will be alone today at her engagement as Prince William will be back at RAF Valley doing his job as a Search & Rescue pilot.

photo credit: Jason Simpson via photopin cc

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