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A surprise lunch with Prince William

There is nothing like sitting down in your school canteen for lunch and finding the future king at the table next to you. Well, that is exactly what students at John Henry Newman School in Stevenage experienced yesterday.

While taking a break from flying his helicopter for a mission in Hertfordshire transporting doctors from nearby Lister Hospital for the East Anglian Air Ambulance,  Prince William landed in the playing field making; a “completely unexpected” visit according to head teacher Clive Matthew.

“It was really quite bizarre. We have the air ambulance use the school site quite regularly and whenever they land the staff go out, we clear the field of children and offer the crew refreshments,” he said.

They were unaware of who was in the helicopter at the time until none other than Prince William jumped out.

“He was great. He queued up with the children, he got himself some lunch and sat down. Then he was surrounded by a group of Year 11 boys who had a chat with him – it was really lovely.”

Mr Matthew confirmed that the Duke of Cambridge ate the same roast chicken, cauliflower cheese and vegetables as the rest of the students, but skipped out on dessert. William donated the cost of the meal to the school’s children’s charity.

“One of the boys sat opposite the prince and was shaking so much he nearly lost the pasta off the end of his fork,” recalled Mr Matthew.
“[William] did compliment the meal, saying it was very good.”

The students also took to Twitter to express their shock at the royal visit.

Student Laura posted, “I literally have no clue why Prince William would want to come to JHN and have lunch but he did,”

Another student, Niamh wrote, “When you walk into your dining room to find Prince William having a spot of lunch! #what.”

A screen shot of the messages between students and friends Helen and Elena read:

“So the day you don’t come in Prince William lands a helicopter on the field and cannelloni on the menu for lunch.” writes Helen

“Not quite sure which I’m more upset about, Prince William or the cannelloni,” joked Elena.

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