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New Zealand Governor-General’s tour tweets labelled ‘a manual for terrorists’

Tweets from the Governor-General of New Zealand, Sir Jerry Mataparae, have sparked safety fears ahead of the upcoming Royal tour. The twitter account has revealed the best places and times to catch a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they travel through New Zealand on their tour which starts next week.

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The tweets have been described as ‘a manual for terrorists’, revealing areas that the Duke and Duchess will travel to, as well as the times of day that members of the public will be able to see them.

Such information is always kept strictly confidential, only being released to a handful of people within the Royal Household and to the press, so they can report on the event.

“I find it almost unbelievable someone would do this. It’s a manual and it goes against anything I believe in. Appalled is the word”, continued Mr Davies. He claims such sensitive information has been leaked to the public makes the Royal couple, as well as Prince George, who is thought to make at least one public appearance on tour, easy targets for stalkers and terrorists.

Parts of routes that William and Catherine will use when travelling to Wellington, Christchurch and Waikato have been revealed, so that the people of NZ can witness the young Royals. Months of planning goes into a three week tour like this, and so it is often not possible to rearrange timings and schedules.

Detailed maps were also provided on the social network’s site, just a week after it was revealed that the Al-Qaeda terrorist group in Syria were ordered to target The Queen at large public events like Cheltenham and Wimbledon.

Davies also spoke of an attempt to derail the Royal Train whilst The Queen and Prince Philip travelled through the Great Dividing Range on their tour of Australia in 1970. The only reason the plot did not succeed was because the train was travelling unusually slow.

Naturally, security is paramount on such a tour where hundreds, even thousands, of people often gather to catch a glimpse of the popular young family.

You only have to think back to The Cambridge’s tour of North America, which occurred just a few months after their wedding, which was heaving with security, police escorts and the like.

On this tour, as Royals of New Zealand and Australianot Britain, the couple will be transported by the New Zealand, and then the Royal Australian Air Force, and be protected by their own Personal Protection Officers, as well as security assistance from the New Zealand and Australian governments.

photo credit: Beacon Radio via photopin cc

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